ConnectWise Manage Consulting

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We are proud to offer our premium ConnectWise Manage consulting! Our staff has been trained and knowledgeable with the ConnectWise Suite for 15 years combined.

Full Audit and Remediation

Our most thorough audit from end-to-end in the software!

This includes:

  • Complete audit report along with recommended changes
  • Initial priority meeting and progress reviews throughout the process
  • Understanding your business processes and making them fit in the software
  • Full Support for any questions/issues/concerns. We have a 1 hour SLA during business hours and Next-day response for after hours non-emergency tickets

Custom consulting package

(Choose one or more)
  • Foundational setup (Reworking your Company Structure and core setup to match your business)
  • Sales (Ensuring your sales engine is setup to optimize your sales funnel for a faster hand-off to project delivery, procurement, service-delivery and accounting)
  • Service (From optimizing your service board and ticket flow to scheduling, working the ticket, closure and reporting)
  • Finance (From the billing setup, agreements and invoice setup, this will take the strain off of the finance team by ensuring this module is setup for maximum flow)

Optional Add-ons

  • Documentation (If you’ve always wanted to document your processes and how it works within the CWM Platform, this is for you! The documentation will be created with screenshots of your CWM instance in an easy-to-understand manner so that you can effectively train new hires and staff can recall any of the information easily)
  • Workflow Rule mastery and setup (Great for those that have been on the software for a long time and need a complete review and consolidation as well as for those that are needing some efficiency and automation added in any areas of the platform)
  • Integration setup with ConnectWise Automate, Control and Sell (We’ll make sure the integration between the platforms are rock solid to optimize your efficiency)
  • BrightGauge Dashboard and Reporting (Whether you need new dashboards and reports, a refresh or training, this option is great for those brands new to the tool or seasoned professionals that just want to save time and effort)

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